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1st June 2020:

Thanks for checking in.

WOW! So many things to share!

It truly is tricky trying to work out what to pop up here! I have lived a life and so where do I start?


Well I guess as I mentioned on the "Home" page...

Over the coming weeks I'll be adding a teeny snapshot of some of the work I have proudly co-created, been priviledged to be a part of, excitedly showcased or that I was just plain lucky enough to see and share!

If you have joined on some of these the journeys, and would like to share 'previoulsy unseen footage' or pics (vetted of course lol ;-P), please message me, would love to see what we can showcase together! 


It gives me great joy to share the successes, tears and joys of our previous collaborations, and I can't wait to hear from you :-).

Harry Dx

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